Accessible AI Talks

Accessible AI Talks | Episode 7 | Leading a Gen AI Team to Production

July 9, 2024
2 min read

Tune in for a new episode of our Accessible AI Talks series, where we explore the power of AI in software development. In part 7, Tela Mathias, Chief Value Engineer and Managing Partner, is joined by tech visionary Brian Woodring discuss the learnings and challenges of forming an AI team, setting goals, and the transition to production.

🔍 Understand the basics of Phoenix Burst, its purpose, and how it can help you maximize value and minimize waste in your software development process.

🤔 Hear what lessons we learned when integrating generative AI into software development.

💡 Learn how to build and manage an effective team for an AI-driven project.

Whether you're a tech enthusiast, a software developer, or simply curious about the future of AI in the tech industry, this episode will be packed with valuable insights and practical takeaways.

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