Accessible AI Talks

Accessible AI Talks | Part 5 | The Problem of Product Design

May 30, 2024
2 min read

We’re excited to bring you Part 5 of our Accessible AI series, featuring our very own Teela Mathias and the brilliant Brian Woodring. This episode dives deep into the fascinating world of product design and how AI, especially generative AI, is poised to revolutionize the field.

In this episode, Tela and Brian explore the challenges and triumphs of integrating AI into product design. They share real-world experiments, like the fun yet insightful “peanut butter and jelly sandwich storyboard,” and discuss how AI can streamline design processes that traditionally take weeks, now accomplished in minutes.

Discover how AI can help create consistent personas, generate compelling storyboards, and even assist in high-fidelity design mockups. While the technology isn’t perfect yet, the potential is incredible, and we’re on the cusp of some game-changing advancements.

Tune in now to learn how AI can enhance your design process and keep your projects ahead of the curve!

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