Accessible AI Talks

Accessible AI Talks | Part 3 | Problem of Shared Understanding

May 14, 2024
2 min read

Part 3 of our Accessible AI Talks series is here, brought to you by Tela Gallagher Mathias and Brian Woodring. Today, we're diving into how AI is reshaping software development and zooming in on shared understanding.

Ever been on a project where things slip through the cracks? We all know the struggle. Shared vision is key, as Brian said, "It doesn't begin until you have a shared vision of success."

But why is it difficult to achieve and maintain this shared understanding? It all boils down to a couple of things: every human interprets things differently and the dreaded time crunch.

AI is the game-changer here, ensuring seamless integration for all team members, anytime. Imagine a world where AI handles the grunt work, allowing us to focus on building rockin’ new products!

Let us know what you think and stay tuned for our next segment on how AI is revolutionizing requirements. We're adapting with fresh approaches beyond physical proximity. Dream big, innovate bigger!

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