Accessible AI Talks

Accessible AI Talks | Part 2 | The Imagine Space

May 14, 2024
2 min read

In this Talk we discuss how we can use AI and generative AI in the ‘imagine’ space of software development. We explore the ways AI will fundamentally change the way software development works and how it will expedite time-to-value. Tela Gallagher Mathias will be joined by our guest, Brian Woodring, a renowned figure in software engineering and technology leadership.

You'll learn:

  • The critical role of the imagine space, where teams brainstorm ideas and determine how to add value swiftly.
  • Rapid Feedback and Idea Testing
  • The limitations of minimum viable products (MVPs) and advocated for maximum viable products that deliver substantial value to users, prompting immediate adoption.
  • Challenges in Maintaining Shared Understanding
  • The potential of AI, particularly generative AI, to expedite idea generation, validation, and maintaining shared understanding among team members.

And tune in for our next talk where we’ll discuss finding and keeping a shared understanding, and the pivotal role generative AI plays in advancing software development.

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